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Ten-Dimensional Intelligence Questionnaire for Womanhood


Print this questionnaire out and then answer the questions using the following scoring system:
0 = Very seldom
1 = Sometimes
2 = Almost always
Total your score at the end and then return to view your results below.


I have a personal relationship with God. 

I accept myself for who I am, without doubts.

I mean everything I say do and feel.

I trust my inner wisdom totally.

I am holy and see my neighbours in Christ as holy too.

I love myself and have learned just to "be."

I have no unforgiveness in me.

I know and identify with God's heart.

I know my purpose and live it.

I have been healed in body, soul and spirit.

Personal Dimension Total 


I do aerobic exercises (vigorously, continuously, producing sweat) for a minimum of 30min, 4 times a week with regular stretching and strengthening routines.

I eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains daily and have reduced my sugar intake.

I avoid tobacco smoke.

I wear a seatbelt when travelling in a car.

I deliberately minimise my intake of cholesterol, dietary fats and saturated oils.

I avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and consume no more than one drink per day.

I get 7 to 9 hours of sleep most nights.

I manage my stress and have a balanced lifestyle of work and relaxation.

I maintain a regular schedule of physical and dental check-ups) pap smears, blood pressure and cholesterol checks) and do monthly self-examinations of my breasts.

I maintain a reasonable weight, avoiding extremes of over-weight and underweight.

Physical Dimension Total 


I am able to develop and maintain close relationships.

I accept responsibility for my actions.

I see challenges and changes as opportunities for growing.

My emotions are seldom the driving force behind my actions.

I have the ability to change my emotions by evaluating their truth.

I feel good about myself and take control of my circumstances.

I can cope with stress and tension and make time for leisure pursuits.

I enjoy life without any need for alcohol, smoking, unnecessary medication or drugs.

I recognise and express my feelings, giving others the space to do the same.

Emotional Dimension Total 


I seek opportunities to learn new things in different fields.

I try to keep abreast of current affairs - locally, nationally and internationally.

I enjoy attending special lectures, plays, musical performances, visiting museums, galleries, and/or libraries.

I enjoy watching educational programmes on television.

Continual education is important to me - for general knowledge, career advancement, as well as the enrichment of my spiritual being.

I am sensitised by the Holy Spirit as to what I should read.

I can wilfully change negative thinking patterns.

I am able to analyse and synthesise in order to get the bigger picture.

I make time each day to have my thoughts renewed through God's Word.

Intellectual Dimension Total 


I know who I am in Christ.

My actions are in line with my thoughts.

I choose my actions wilfully.

I live according to Bible-based truths.

I am aware of destructive thoughts, emotions and actions that could derail my life.

I know which things steal my energy.

I have made new resolutions for the road ahead.

I believe God has more in store for me than what I have been settling for.

I have stopped living in circles and started to progress in life.

I have adopted new reactions to old thoughts and emotions.

Behavioural Dimension Total 


I have a personal and close relationship with Christ my Saviour.

I feel comfortable and at ease with my spiritual life.

My daily actions directly correlate with my persoanl values.

Instead of becoming disheartened or frustrated by problems, I depend on my spiritual beliefs and values o uplift me and let me see the bigger picture.

I experience the power of the Holy Trinity in prayer, meditation and/or quiet reflection.

Life is meaningful and I believe I have a specific God-given purpose.

I am consistently growing spiritually and I see it as a life-long process.

I listen to God's voice and act obediently.

I have legitimised my spirit to take the lead over my soul.

I love unconditionally - the way God loves me.

Spiritual Dimension Total 



I love unconditionally and without expectations.

I take responsibility for my own happiness.

I value myself and love without fear of loss or rejection.

Nothing my husband says or does has the power to change my love for him.

I accept and promote God's order in marriage and family.

My husband and children know God and have accepted Jesus as their Saviour.

I pray daily for my husband and for each child.

I accept my husband and children for who they are.

I am submissive and receive God's promises for that.

Next to God, my family is my first priority.

Nucleus relationship Dimension Total 


I consciously conserve energy (electricity, water, fuel, wood, gas etc.).

I practice recycling (glass, plastic, paper, etc.).

I am committed to keeping the environment clean (air, soil, water etc.).

I conscientiously car-pool, ride a bicycle or walk to save fuel energy and lessen pollution.

I limit the use of fertilisers and chemicals when managing my garden/outdoor living space.

I do use harmful aerosol sprays.

I do not litter.

I volunteer for environmental conservation projects.

I purchase recycled items where possible, even if they cost more.

I feel strongly about doing my part in the conservation effort.

Natural Environmental Dimension Total 


I contribute substantially, through time or money, to social and community projects.

I am committed to charity work.

I exhibit fairness and justice in dealing with people.

I have a supportive network of close friend/family.

I am interested in people from different backgrounds.

I make time to relax with my family and other people.

I am able to communicate and get along with a wide variety of people.

I obey the laws and rules of our country.

I respect other people's marriages and their personal property.

I support and help with family, neighbourhood and work-related social gatherings.

Social Environmental Dimension Total 


I know myself and am satisfied with my career choice.

My job responsibilities or duties correlate with my abilities.

I am at ease with the environment and my working conditions.

My career benefits are consistent with my values.

I am content with the balance between my work and leisure time.

I am comfortable with the amount of control I have.

My work gives me personal satisfaction and stimulation.

I am satisfied with my professional/personal growth opportunities.

I feel my job allows me to make a difference in the world.

My job contributes positively to my overall well-being.

Occupational Environmental Dimension Total 

By adding together all the above dimensional totals, you will come to a Grand Total score. To see your results, click on the correlating button below.


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