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Elizabeth D.


Training in Biokinetics, Counseling and Theology

Elizabeth D. is a qualified Biokineticist (BA Hons Biokinetics from UP). She has also qualified as a Biblical Counsellor (Diploma UNW), and done 10 years of counselling at Moreleta Wholeness Centre (Moreleta Church), specialising in Pathology counselling of chronic diseases, along with trauma, relationship and inner-healing counselling. And more recently she has completed her Masters degree in theology (MTh from SATS), focusing her thesis on the role of the church (in counselling, prayer and lifestyle coaching), for patients with fear issues and chronic disease. 


Elizabeth D. has a deep compassion for those struggling with chronic health problems, the aftermath of trauma and past pain. She believes that for healing to be deep, real and lasting, it takes a process. The patient must first understand their problem and its causes, then go on a journey of inner-healing, and finally make lifestyle changes for lasting health and wholeness. Her approach looks at the whole person – body, soul and spirit – as she guides them to a full and free life in Christ. 

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